Thank you for helping to making the 2017 Burnaby Festival of Learning a success. You came, you participated and you learned.


Photos: Burnaby Festival of Learning inspires, awes and delights thousands

May 15, 2017

You came, you participated, you learned. And wow—did we ever learn too, at the second-ever Burnaby Festival of Learning.

This week-long celebration is the ticket for people of all ages and backgrounds to learn something new and unique, from hands-on workshops and thought-provoking talks to awe-inspiring tours and interactive displays.

Here are some highlights this year:

  • More than 200 high school students descended upon SFU from local Burnaby schools for a series of creative learning events. From Dragon’s Den to building robots, the students were excited and engaged right till the end of the day, truly demonstrating that age is a state of mind, and that curiosity and excitement are incredible tools in anyone’s quest to learn.

  • There’s nothing like flying through time while flying through the sky!
    Burnaby’s history came alive while riding the SkyTrain over the very region, parks and buildings that we were talking about.

  • We were thrilled and chilled by Aaron Chapman’s Clark Park stories. Attendees quickly filled the library room to capacity and more were happy to stand just so they could listen. There are so many stories hidden all around us, if we’re only willing to look (and listen).